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Day 3 – Hawaii – What’s that huge Green thing?

Nobody has really mentioned this to us, but the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island is the most kid friendly, kid fun hotel we have been to. You are welcomed by the variety of Parrots. Ziggy, (not pictured) actually kissed the boys while perched on their shoulders. Then we road the train and the boat around the campus, and I will call it that because it was so huge. After unloading back in the main lobby to retrieve the water bottles we had left there for an hour, we headed down to the TURTLES! I should have taken more pictures on the day, but I was having so much fun :) There is a beautiful salt water lagoon filled with fish, turtles and people. We actually rented out a kayak and paddled around. The boys found four different turtles and could have reached out and touched them if the rules weren’t “Don’t touch the turtles.”

What was fun for Laura and myself, and honestly a little scary is we took turns swimming behind the kayak and searching for the Turtles. In the afternoon, the water is rather murky and you can’t see more than a few feet, which means when all of a sudden a massive turtle is four feet from you, it’s rather terrifying. They are used to humans so they don’t take off. They just hang out, Hawaiin style. There was much more to see but we just ran out of time. We will go back, maybe even broadcast a show from there…It was a wonderful day enjoyed by all and yes, we slept very well.

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