Fighting back against Bullies

Fighting back against Bullies

It doesn’t take a punch or really loud words to defeat bullying. It takes confidence. With Confidence and tools, anyone can knock a Bully to the floor. On this episode, Author Signe Whitson joined Todd and Laura to talk about ways to defeat Bullying.

Signe is the author of two great workbooks that deal with Anger and Bullying respectively. The COO of is the mother of two girls and puts in your hands a powerful tool that can change your child’s future. We talked about Bully Bans, Hand STANds and guidelines for parents regarding Texting, IMing and Facebook usage.

Our kids bullying isn’t the same experience you had. Home isn’t necessarily a safe haven anymore. There are no walls with which one can keep the bullies out. So how do we protect and support our children? Signe has answers. Plus here about an experience Todd had when he was a teenager where without knowing he used some of these tips and it stopped a bullying situation in its tracks.

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