Wait, those dozen roses may be deadly

Wait, those dozen roses may be deadly

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick! Are you getting that special someone flowers this year? I would suggest you think about where you buy your flowers first before you plop down $20-$50 bucks on a bunch. They may look nice, smell great and appear beautiful, but they are leaving a brutal carbon footprint and they are actually full of deadly chemicals.

Do you want a Rose that has been dipped is pesticide or one that is naturally beautiful and grown in your own state? We interviewed Josef Reiter, the owner of Botanica Floral Design and talked about the difference between flowers grown in Portland or in your home town vs the ones that are imported into our country, which most are.

Do you actually know the process that flowers go through before you buy them at a supermarket and at many Floral shops? You will after this show and you will not want to buy certain types of flowers again.

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