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Circumcision, it’s more than just a snip and a snap

Circumcision, it’s more than just a snip and a snap

Georganne Chaplin, the Founder and Executive Director of Intact America joined Todd and Laura to talk about male circumcision.

Honestly, Todd and Laura had fought over this when they boys were born. So they split 50-50. Todd may have thought he won, but now he realizes after this conversation that he lost and so maybe have most men who fight to have their child circumcised. What is the point to it? How does it actually benefit the child? It is all about male ego? Why do so many European countries not do it?

Just because Todd had it done, does that mean his boys have to have done as well? Aren’t we trying to have our children live a life that is pain free rather than pain full?

If you have kids, this may cause you to want to apologize to them. If you don’t, it will cause you to pause for a moment and really think through this decision. Why should we allow a Doctor to force something upon our child that we don’t want. Look, they don’t know everything.

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