How to get through long car trips with kids

How to get through long car trips with kids

Wesley Snipes said it in the movie Passenger 57, “Always bet on black.” That line has always stuck with Todd and made sense this weekend as the 4 of us drove all the way around the Big Island and created some amazing memories: the Black Sand Beach; the viewing of a live an active volcano; the mood rings and dinner on the southernmost part of the US.

But this show also discussed how Todd and Laura deal with being cooped up in a small house while trying to deal with two very active boys.  It has lead to some trying moments. What do you do when you are in an enclosed area or situation and someone starts getting upset? Laura’s suggestion of going on a run might have Todd in the best shape of his life by the end of the week.

And don’t miss out on learning about one of the finest healing oils on the island. It’s already working for our family.

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