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Gangaji – sharing her blessings and knowledge

Gangaji – sharing her blessings and knowledge

Ok, so that was something special. Laura and Todd have never spoken with Gangaji before and honestly, had never heard of her before, but after this interview aren’t going to forget her. Her peacefulness and knowledge that she shared with them and with the listeners who asked questions was beyond compare.

We talked about parenting. We talked about returning to our families. We talked about our children and what they are teaching us. It is a conversation you should be sitting down for. You should share it with a spouse or a friend. You will be better for it.

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  • Spenfriend2

    Wonderful interview…I’d like to encourage anyone who felt some shift, realization, opening, or interest in what Gangaji had to share, to follow up by either getting her CDs, DVDs, books, or better still, seeing her in person, if possible. In this interview, she only scratched the surface of an endless reservoir of wisdom, Truth, and self knowledge. She is not a guru, and not teaching a method, practice, or belief system. She is simply encouraging everyone to go beyond the virtual life of mental understanding and experience life beyond thought, happiness beyond reason, and peace beyond justification. Just don’t settle for concepts, beliefs, or external authorities. Go directly to the source and realize yourself as that which is searching. Your life will never the same.