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Day 2 – Hawaii – Hang 5 Dude!

Day 2 – Hawaii – Hang 5 Dude!

Lots of things can happen in one day on the Big Island. We cooled it just a bit after getting burned so badly on day one. Laura hit the Costco to load up the fridge, we played a little baseball at the local park and surprisingly it rained a lot. It often does in Waimea, which is near the Rain Forest here. However, when it rains up here, it doesn’t mean it’s raining on the beach.

We took a picnic down there and got to the beach at about 5pm, when nobody was there and the waves were. Drew had been talking all day about his new Boogie Board. When Connor was three, last time we were here, he wanted to ride the waves but was scared and had to ride on my back. Drew, not so much. Plus he wasn’t that good at riding on my back. After trying with Laura for a few minutes, I got the call from the bullpen.

It was easy. Drew was a natural, at least at getting on the board and getting back for the next wave. He was hilarious at riding them. There was hooting and hollering and…wiping out! But the smiles were more beautiful than the sunset. This was one of those nights I will remember forever and not just because of Drew.

Connor got over his fear of wearing a snorkel and facemask, well, partially. But he did go out deeper than he could stand on his boogie board and saw his first fish underwater. I don’t know what they were called, but that wasn’t the important part. His reaction in the water was: Pure screaming excitement.

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